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Commending Love, Satisfying Justice

Posted in Stephen Charnock on December 3, 2007 by Benji Magness

This is the foundation of all the grace any have. The conveyance of all the gracious love of God is through this channel. In redemption by His blood, the riches of the grace of God abounded, and that with the marks of the highest wisdom {Ephesians 1:7-8}. All had lain buried from the view of man, and the fruition of men, without this sacrifice. This did commend His love as well as satisfy His justice. His wrath had not been {would not have been} appeased, nor His grace drawn out to us without it. Nor could the Redeemer lay any claim to any grace and mercy for those whom He came, unless He had suffered for them as well as taken flesh for them…The essence of the sacrifice consisted, firstly in the slaying or destroying it, and secondly, in the offering it to God. Both were done in Christ.

Stephen Charnock, Christ Crucified: A Puritan’s View of the Atonement